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News · OA Varsity vs. South Dearborn at the Graveyard W 3-1

OA Varsity improved to 8-2-1 on the year with a 3-1 win against South Dearborn. The team came out strong and had a couple of great chances to score. Folop finally put the twisters on the board with an assist by Garriot. South Dearborn had a goal that seemed to spark them, and the boys seemed to lose their intensity for the rest of the half. The team regrouped at half-time and controlled the second half limiting South Dearborn to 4 shots none of which being on goal.

Nate Folop scored in period 1 at 28:44 assisted by Garriot Scott who took a shot that was blocked out to Nate for the score. South Dearborn scored in period 1 at 14:10 on a wide open shot in the 18. Drew Kersey scored in period 2 at 38:33 assisted by Ben Kraus on a pass into the 6. Garriot Scott scored in period 2 at 30:05 on a shot off a bouncing ball in the 6.

South Dearborn had 10 shots with 2 on goal, 4 fouls, 5 corners, their coach had a yellow card and their keeper had 7 saves. The Twisters had 22 shots with 10 on goal, 3 off sides, 6 fouls, 8 corners and Chris Hautman had 1 save.

The JV boys played as well, ending the game in a tie, 0-0.
South Dearborn had 2 shots with 1 on goal, 3 fouls, 2 corners and their keeper had 5 saves.
The Twisters had 10 shots with 5 on goal, 1 foul, 3 corners and Jon Grieshop had 1 save.