News · Nare inducted into Thomas More Hall of Fame

Lucas Nare, a 2011 OA graduate, found out over this pandemic that he would be inducted into Thomas More University’s Athletic Hall of Fame. Nare was Thomas More’s first-ever track & field student-athlete to qualify for the national championship as he qualified for the 100 and 200-meter dashes at the 2014 NCAA Division III Outdoor Championship. He was the PAC Indoor Track Most Valuable Player and was a nine-time PAC Champion. He holds the Thomas More indoor record in the 600-meter dash (6.98-seconds), 200-meter dash (21.96-seconds) and 400-meter dash (50.31-seconds) and the outdoor record in the 100-meter dash (10.59-seconds and 200-meter dash (21.17-seconds).
Q: Tell me what have you been up to since graduating from Oldenburg?
A: I went to Thomas More College, where I majored in Biology and ran Track & Field.  After college, I went to Bellarmine University and received my doctorate of physical therapy. I’m now working at Integrative Healthcare Partners, a private outpatient clinic in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. I am also getting married on October 17th this year, to my fiance that I met on the track team at TMC.
Q: Favorite OA athletic memory? 
A: I think my favorite memory would have to be winning the 100m and 200m dash at the sectional meet my junior year- that was the first year my times started getting faster, and winning my two favorite races was a great feeling.
Q: When you started running at the next level, what was the biggest challenge you faced? 
A: It was a little intimidating my freshman year, going from a small high school to running against collegiate seniors at much larger programs. However, I can be very competitive, and enjoyed going into meets seeing times faster than mine listed on the program sheets- It was great motivation. I also realized I would have to put more time and effort into my training and balance that with my classes. Finally, the college workload was more intense, but I think OA did a great job preparing me for that.
Q: How do you feel Oldenburg and the athletics helped you along the way?
A: I almost always prioritized my academics (even when I didn’t necessarily feel like it!), and I feel like OA did a great job of helping me develop that mentality. The classes were challenging, but the teachers were awesome, and I was able to learn the necessary time management skills to balance that sport / school / social life “triangle”. I remember the nights of getting home after the sun had already gone down, being exhausted from practice, and opening up a book to study. That part wasn’t always fun, but I wouldn’t trade the experience for the world.
Q: Coolest moment in your collegiate career? 
A: That would definitely be making it to the DIII Track and Field outdoor national championships my junior year! I qualified for the 100 and 200 meter dashes, and although I went in and didn’t run my best times, it was really an awesome experience. I knew that everyone there had worked so hard to make it, and I was proud to be one of them.
Q: Any advice to anyone that is looking to pursue playing at the next level? 
A: One of the most important parts to me is getting the time management aspect down. If you can be disciplined and set aside time for getting things done, it gets rid of some (not all) of the stress. After that, I would say putting in the time to improve in the offseason is huge. After my freshman year at TMC I really became serious about my summer workouts with strength and conditioning, and my times on the track began to drop more and more. I truly enjoyed running track, and the thought of improving while a kid on another team was sleeping in helped keep that motivation going. Lastly, be humble and have fun with it!

Nare is scheduled to be recognized on Friday, October 30 with a ceremony on the Thomas More campus.